Ogden Northern Utah Pure Natural Raw Honey
Ogden Northern Utah Local Pure Raw Honey

The Photo Box . . . One Sweet Frame at a Time

Our Top Bar Hive on the 6th day.
Look at insert closely for day old eggs.

We Would Like to thank you for stopping by. Beekeepers, or BEEKS as we often refer to each other, are by default a band of brothers (and sisters) while at the same time fairly individualistic by nature. We all benefit by the experiences of each of us. Also it is our pleasure to redirect you to some other great sites on the World Wide Web.

Telling The Bees

Telling The Bees
There is an old folklore book about Telling the Bees. This means that you must tell the bees the significant events, births deaths and marriages that occur within the family or suffer a consequence when the bees become hurt by neglect. Read more about it here.

Deseret Hive Supply
Local source for all your beekeepint supplies.
Live bees and queens too!


Michael Bush
Michael Bush is the gold standard of Nebraska beekeeping,
and fast becoming known as one of the most knowledgeable in
the country. He does come to Utah to speak now and then
so keep an eye out for one of his keynote engagements.
Meanwhile, his web site is very extensive


More to bee posted here . . . check back often.
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