Ogden Northern Utah Pure Natural Raw Honey
Ogden Northern Utah Local Pure Raw Honey

Local Northern Utah Pure Raw Honey For Sale
How Many 1 lb Jars

Golden Spike Raw honey is beautifully bottled and finished in several sizes and varieties. For 2019, we have our 1 pound, olde time Muth jar of Wildflower Honey at $10.95, for perfect gift giving or wedding party thank you's. Please email for pricing and shipping by the dozen.

Northern Utah Wildflower honey is selling now at $10.95 for our 1 pound Muth jar, and $16.50 per Quart (44 oz) in a genuine Mason jar. We have a half gallon (6 lb) mason jars for $29.50, both of which gives you canning jar when the honey is gone. We cannot safely package the half gallon jar for shipping.

With Current Shipping costs, we can ship four 1 pound corked Muth jars for the same Priority Mail flat rate of $18.50 that we would have to charge for just one bottle. To make this deal sweeter, we will discount your 2nd, 3rd and 4th jars $1.50 each from $10.95 to $9.45 bringing your package total to $57.80 for 4 old timey embossed glass 1 pound Muth jars of Golden Spike Honey. We can also package one quart jar of honey for $16.50 plus the $18.50 shipping, or add a second quart for $15.00 with the same flat shipping rate of $18.50.

Occasionally We package cut comb quart jars of honey for the gift giving season as pictured to the upper right. We also will from time to time package beautiful sections of uncapped honeycomb. When we do, it will be posted here.

We Will Ship honey in the US only. Please email for a quote on other sizes. Even though we will ship most sizes, we believe local raw honey ought to be consumed by local folk who want the benefit from unprocessed honey. Find a local beekeeper where ever you live, and enjoy your hometown honey.

We Are SOLD OUT until harvest time, August 2021. Please revisit us then. Be well!


Local Northern Utah Pure Raw Honey For Sale
Local Northern Utah Pure Raw Honey For Sale
How Many Quart Jars

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