Ogden Northern Utah Pure Natural Raw Honey
Ogden Northern Utah Local Pure Raw Honey
  • Local Raw Honey and Alergies

What's So Special about locally produced raw honey? Take a look at the frame to the right being uncapped. You can see a cell or two of pure pollen. These small amounts of pollen are most desirable. We never heat, pressure filter or pasturize our honey so as to retain all the enzimes, trace minerals and natural goodness that was meant to be in honey.

There Are Many claims regarding the benifits of raw honey. Some are backed up with science, while other fall under the "Folk Medicine" catagory. On our "ETC" page you will find many helpfull and interesting links about honey, raw and otherwise to help you understand why raw honey is in such demand.

To Learn More about the pleasures and benefits of including Raw Honey in your diet, click on the links to the left. The informative "White Papers" will open in a new window. Just close that window to return here to the honey pages.

Pure Natural Northern Utah Honey Comb


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